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Service Clubs are all unique. They each have their own history, traditions, and missions.  Sunrise Rotary honors and cherishes the mission that Rotary International has been advancing for over 113 years.  We work to promote peace, fight diseases, provide clean water and hygiene, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies.  While we strive to advance the overall mission of Rotary, we tend to think we are not a "typical" Rotary Club.
We do not sing. We do not sell roses, coffee, grapefruit, onions, bacon, or holiday wreaths, or anything to raise funds.  We do not hold fundraiser events. Our meetings are never longer than one hour. We do not require weekly donations. We do not monitor volunteer service hours. We do not have a minimum attendance requirement.
So, what kind of club are we?  We are YOUR Rotary Club.
  • We are less than 20 members. You will know everyone in the club within a few meetings.
  • We are friendly. You will find many smiles, compliments, and curious questions every week.
  • We are informal.  You will be welcomed, you will be comfortable. You will not be required to attend every meeting.
  • We are hard-working. Our goal is one community service project per month. You will have things to do that impact others' lives.
  • We are a team. Your passion becomes our mission.
  • We are innovative.  You can help our club raise funds while also helping others in the community. You will NEVER be asked or required to sell tickets to an event or items as a fundraiser.
  • We are diverse. You will meet a retired utility worker, banker, government employees, former teachers and principals, a minister, an attorney, small business owners, and so many more.
  • We are efficient. You will never have to cancel a morning appointment because our meeting went too long. You will never see "add-on" items on your dues statement for meals or other mandatory contributions.
What can you expect if you visit or join Sunrise Rotary?
  • Expect to smile and laugh a LOT.
  • Expect to learn about our community and club members.  Two weeks each month we have presenters that share information about their passions, business, vocation, and missions.
  • Expect to feel satisfied and accomplished when you help us with service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, WI Point Cleanups, Salvation Army Bell Ringing & Adopt a Family, Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival, Nearly Naked Ruck March, and others.
  • Expect to feel proud when you know that our club has contributed financial help to the mission of other non-profits such as Just Kids Dental, 23rd Veteran, Superior Douglas County Leadership Program.
  • Expect annual membership dues of $200.00  (mandatory).
  • Expect a request that you donate $100.00 to the Paul Harris Foundation each year (not mandatory, but we can explain why it is so important).
  • Expect a Mickey Mouse coffee cup to get passed around at the weekly meetings ($2.00 donation it typical, but not required).
What can you achieve by joining Sunrise Rotary?
  • Your dreams can come true.  Our club's attitude is "Your passion becomes our mission."  We do not have committees and directors who dictate our club's projects, programs, etc.  Our members bring us their ideas and we make them reality. Through the suggestions of our members we have -  installed a playground for CASDA, cleaned WI Point beaches, assisted with Habitat for Humanity building projects, supported the 23rd Veteran Nearly Naked Ruck March, constructed and installed a dramatic play stage at Fairlawn Mansion, provided water and medical facilities to a remote area of Tanzania, constructed school facilities for children in Guatemala, and so much more. Bring us your idea.  We will make it our mission.
  • You can become a leader.  A club of twenty Rotarians operates much differently than one with nearly, or more than, one hundred (or even fifty) members. You can become an officer. You can chair and organize service projects. You can be the person who volunteers to manage club finances. You can assist with recruiting new members. Your service to the club goes far beyond paying your dues and volunteering for service projects.
Your Next Step...
Contact one of our club officers, or the membership chair to learn more about what we do, how, and why we do it.  Join us for a meeting.  The first three Tuesdays of every month we meet at Perkins in Superior, Wisconsin at 7:00 a.m.  On the fourth Tuesday, we have "moonrise" Rotary that is held at a local restaurant so that members, family, and friends can have an opportunity to socialize.  New faces are always welcomed at our club.