Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club

1Roof Community Housing

Our speakers on August 9, 2016 were Cliff Knettel and Noah Hobbs from 1Roof Community Housing of Duluth.
Homeowners in Duluth have had an amazing opportunity for the past few years to partner with 1Roof Community Housing.  Hopefully, the options will be expanding to Superior, WI soon.  The organization provides housing resources and opportunities for low-to-moderate income individuals and families. By leveraging public and private contributions, the non-profit organization is able to purchase properties, rehab them, then "flip" them for less than cost. This gives homeowners an opportunity to purchase a home at less than fair market value.  The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate neighborhoods and by doing so, improve entire communities.
1Roof makes private home ownership available to households with an average gross income of $29,700.  1Roof provides other services for homeowners too, one of them being education.  Advising, consulting, and workshops help teach prospective homeowners about the home buying process and what to expect after the purchase. 1Roof also does development for single and multi-family units.  These rentals units serve homeless veterans, homeless families with children and vulnerable teens. The Tenant Landlord Connection program provides education, information and problem solving for tenant-landlord relations. TLC started in June 2015 and has served 291 households. Finally, 1Roof provides lending options for homeowners who may not qualify for traditional financing.   Other loans are available for emergency repairs or maintenance.
Here's an example of what they do...
Tax forfeited homes will be offered to them by the City of Duluth or banks will offer a mortgage foreclosure property. Using federal grants and other monies, 1Roof will invest $200,000 to rehabilitate the property.  They will then sell the home to family at the cost of $125,000.  Because the buyers participate in a thorough education and screening process they understand what home ownership means and what responsibilities they are taking on.  Having equity in the home means they are more committed to maintaining it.
Over the past few years, 1Roof has looked at expanding their program into Superior's housing market. It appears the time is right and they are in conversations with local officials to start their expansion soon.