Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club

District Governor Visit 2017

Here's what happened when DG visited us on 9/19 - 9/20...

We have a NEW ROTARIAN!!!

Welcome Chelle Eliason from Starts With AC!  Chelle was inducted into our club with the help of our DG!
DG Schmidt reminded us that 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.  40% of Rotarians do NOT contribute to the Foundation.  Our club's commitment to donating places us in the top five of the district for per capita participation.  Granted, we only have about a dozen members, but we historically have been 100% Paul Harris Fellows (including continuing the fellowship with annual $100 donations).  DG was pleased to hear that we are renewing our commitment to 100% Fellowship.  2017 could be the year we "end" polo - meaning no new cases for a period of months, but, the work still needs to continue with ongoing and future vaccinations for at least three years.
Governor Schmidt spoke about his personal initiative this year for District clubs to include a project or program focused on assisting or learning from Native American communities. He suggested that perhaps we allocate RYLA spots for Native youth.
The Governor's final piece of advice to us was, "dare to be different" with how we manage our Rotary experience.  He cautioned our small club to watch for Rotarians with burnout and, if needed, change our direction or rules.  Rotary International gives us great latitude with meeting and attendance options and we should be taking advantage of those.
The night before our meeting, we enjoyed a WONDERFUL dinner and visit from Steve Friberg to discuss our 2018 Tanzania project.  If all the stars align and we play the grant cards correctly, we could be helping build and equip an x-ray center!