Here's a quick update and some reminders
Our fearless president has been frantically e-mailing all of us about upcoming dates, events, fundraisers, meetings, opportunities to socialize, volunteer, .......  check out the "events" in the bulletin to make sure you're up to date.  December is always a busy month for us.
Please sign up for some volunteer shifts at Wessman Arena on December 29-30, 2017.  If we can fill these shifts, our club will earn $825.  You can volunteer directly through the website links or by contacting Johanna.  (218) 310-8831 or
Rick Flaherty has information about our Salvation Army family. He (hopefully?) will be bringing the list of items to the Moonrise Rotary tomorrow night.  I know that signing up to purchase all the items for a person, but perhaps after looking at the list we can work in pairs or trios or bigger groupings to help this family out.
District Governor's visit is coming next week - Tony has already sent you all the dates and times.
On December 12, Will and Paul will be presenting about Tanzania 2018.  If you hope to go on the trip this is a MUST attend meeting so you can find out some of the logistics. If you are not planning on attending, come anyway because we expect to have Rotarians from other clubs and community members present to learn more about the trip.  Having all our members present creates a great opportunity to show what a fantastic club we are!
I am sure I've probably forgotten some really important thing... just not sure what that is right now.  It's the truth.