Our speaker on July 26, 2016 was our very own James Anderson, a "yooper" who has set the record straight on a pressing issue.
The meat should be ground, not shredded.  It must contain rutabaga.  It should be served with ketchup, not gravy.  Those are the official UP rules for pasties, straight from someone who was raised in Marquette, Michigan.  Our newest club member, James Anderson, is married and the proud owner of a Saint Benard.  
James works for UW-Extension of Douglas County and provided an overview of their programs and services.  UW-Extension has four domains including Community and Economic Development, Local Government, Natural Resources, and Leadership & Organizational Development. James' current work includes strategic planning the the Superior Business Improvement District, planning for Superior Days, assisting with developing Douglas County's 2017 budget,  facilitating an Inventors and Entrepraneurs Club, and working on silent sports/biking/hiking trails in the County.