Here are the "heated" updates about what is happening with Sunrise Rotary...
Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival.
The festival is ONE MONTH away! Members are asked (again) to volunteer some time at the Festival.  You should be receiving e-mails reminding you to sign up.  Last year our club earned $1500 for parking and $1400 from beer tent revenue.  Earning nearly $3000 over one weekend is not a bad way to make some cash so our club can continue supporting programs and services for our community.  We cannot do it with only five, seven, or even half of our members!  We need EVERYONE in the club to step up and help out!  We currently only have SIX of our EIGHTEEN club members signed up to volunteer.  C'mon folks, we can do better than this!  I may start making personal phone calls to those of you who have not yet volunteered!
Online Auction.
Thank you to everyone who has been getting out and collecting donations for the online auction fundraiser.  Many were turned in at Moonrise Rotary!  Jeff and I are extending the deadline to 7/31/19 for those of us (myself included) who have not yet had time to hit the pavement!  If you collect something over the weekend, feel free to drop it off at my office (1418 Tower Ave Suite #6)  by the close of business on 7/31.  If I happen to not be at my office when you stop by, please feel free to drop it through my mail slot. 
A Spirited Moonrise Rotary.
Thank you to all who attended Moonrise Rotary on 7/23/19 at the Spirit Room.  I especially thank you all for your patience and understanding as we did a LOT of planning with the Historical Society for the October Prohibition & Inhibitions Event. If you would like to help out with any of the aspects of the evening please let me know because we are going to need a LOT of behind the scenes help!
Upcoming Meetings and Speakers.
7/31/19 There is NO MEETING on 7/31/19 because it is a 5th Tuesday! 
8/06/19  We will be joined on August 6, 2019 by Wendy Otterness, a Retirement and Financial advisor from Superior Choice Credit Union. 
8/13/19  On August 13, 2019 we will be joined by Monique Hammond who will be talking about her journey to and through hearing loss and the dangers of loud noises.
8/20/19 NO MEETING.  Moved to 8/21/19 or 8/22/19 for Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival Parking Lot setup.  Post-set-up party (Moonrise Rotary) at the home of Johanna R. Kirk. This is going to be a BYOABC event:
Appetizer(s) to share,