New PH Levels.
Rotarians wandering the world in search of drinks.
Our club will help clean your house.
Read on for more...
It has been awhile (again) since a regular newsletter was circulated so here come a spring-style sloppy pile of updates...
Steve Christen earned a new PH Level.
Tony Guerra did too.
The Wandering Andersons did some more traveling and sent us photos just to rub it in.
My favorite quote from the e-mails during their travels...
"As you are aware, I will miss our meeting on Tuesday.   However I did make up by attending the Wednesday meeting of the Rotary Club of Key Largo on 1-30 with Pat.  We will also miss the following three meetings due to being in Key Largo and Atigua and Miami, because of our UW alumni tall ship Caribbean cruise.  It will take some manipulating to maintain 100% attendance.  We had to leave the pool today because our drinks were gone and the temps were toasty.   Stay warm.  Jerry"
February 5, 2019.  Our high temp in Superior that day was 16 degrees. 
They had to leave the pool because their drinks were gone...
They did make it to some meetings and exchanged banners for us:
And in the spirit of Rotary, they decided to purchase bikes while in Key Largo and donated them to the Florida Keys Children's Center
Moonrise Rotary meetings have been well-attended by the next generation of Rotarians.
We welcome our newest acquisition from Club 40, Al Rafetto:
Nice Work!
Our club volunteered at the 23rd Veteran Nearly Naked Ruck March assisting with handing out jerky, dog treats and water to ruckers.
April 24th 4-6:00 pm we are volunteering to evaluate senior projects for Superior Senior High School students. If you are interested in helping, e-mail Paul Frost and let him know ASAP. 
To encourage you toward volunteering, April's Moonrise Rotary is moving from Tuesday to Wednesday April 24 2019.  We will be meeting at Tavern 105 in south Superior (it's wing night!!).  Because we are volunteering until 6:00 pm moonrise will start at 6:30 this month.
Our club is doing a fundraiser...
You do not need to sell tickets, volunteer any time, or deliver any products.  In fact, our club is going to help you out with some spring cleaning. We are seeking donations that can be turned over to Twin Ports BID (an online auction house) and the proceeds from the sale will go back to our club!  Jeff Dorfman is heading up this effort and our goal is to have our club's auction go live in May 2019.  What can you donate? Pretty much anything.  Furniture, tools, dishes, clothing, collectibles, artwork, machinery, sporting goods, etc.  If you are curious about how an online auction works, check out the website for Twin Ports Bid. 
If you have items you would like to donate, contact Jeff by using the e-mail link above.  If you have LARGE items, but are not sure how to get them to the auction house, let Jeff know. I am pretty sure we have a few club members with trailers and we can organize a pick up day.
The Coast Guard has graciously accepted our club's offer to sponsor their dragonboat team this year.  They hope to bring a little more fun to their race day team site. Keep posted for news about a race day picnic and other plans.