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*** A Word of Caution to Readers.  I am a business owner, mom, daughter to an elderly man with dimentia. This week's bulletin may contain some snarky. It's the holiday season after all.***



We completed the 2020 Bell Ringing for Salvation Army with some pretty amazing weather. Bring on the snow because we will not have to stand in it!  I recall years with windchills in the negative double digits! Here are a few pictures from our 12/08/2020 Bell Ringing and the Sloppy Joe Feast we had afterwards at Dodgies East End Tavern...

Go Ahead, Do a Drive By....

On November 27, 2020 we removed the autumn decorations from the City of Superior sign and added festive holiday lights. Drive by it at night and take a look!  I know it is December, but we could start thinking about what, if any, additions we'd like to make to the garden next spring or summer. Here are some pictures of us at work.


Project SEARCH Grant Update...

The preliminary draft of the grant application was sent to our District Grant Mentor, Mike Cochran.  We are working on details to get it fine-tuned. He seems very optimistic that this is going to be approved.  If approved, funds will  be available July 2021.


A Visit From Club 40.

On 12/15/2020 we were joined by some very nice Club 40 Rotarians. I think they enjoyed being at a face-to-face meeting. We will continue chatting with them about the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival partnership and other partnering opportunities.


A Little Bit of LSDBF and SSCRC History...

After the Club 40 delegation visited us, I went digging through the binders and binders of information that Bob Furhman left me when he skipped town. My goal was to understand the club's history with LSDBF a little better. I was able to find board meeting minutes, agendas and some correspondence that has cleared up my historical understanding. A summary will be available at Moonrise next week.

Website Update... You WILL be Embarrassed.

As I was digging through all the binders and books left behind by past secretary Mr. Furhman, I came across a CDRom with years and years... and YEARS of photos.  It included photos all the way back to 2006.  I indiscriminately added ALL of them to our club's website.  If you are ready for a stroll down memory lane visit the club's website homepage.  On the right-hand side are all the uploaded photo albums by year. 

Next week...  Moonrise Meeting

On December 22, 2020 we will be meeting at Shorty's Pizza & Smoked Meats at 5:30 pm.  I popped into Club 40's meeting today on Zoom and invited all of them to join us.

December 29, 2020... Another Moonrise Meeting.

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020 we will have a Holiday Party at Kirk Law Office.  Bring beverages of your choosing, maybe a dish to pass. Let's get dressed up and have some fun!  I plan to set up a slideshow with ALL those fun photos I mentioned above! 

Thank You Gary Elliott.

On 12/17/20 Gary Elliott announced that he was serving his last day of work at SCCU.  Gary plans to be moving out of the area as soon as possible.  Gary joined our club in 2017 and has been such a great support and help to us.  Gary, you will be missed by all of us!  Best of luck in all your future adventures and stop by to visit us soon!  Congratulations on your retirement and THANK YOU for all you have contributed to our club. You had better show up for the Holiday Party on the 29th!


Steven Christen Abandons Club.

** The following is partly in jest because Steve can take it ***

Like rats fleeing a ship on fire, Steve Christen has moved away too.  Steve has been a member of our club since August of 2012.  He's been strategizing his exit since the moment he realized that I look better in a flannel shirt than he does.  Steven has agreed to maintain his membership until at least the end of the rotary year and has promised to attend service and social events when he can.  So basically, nothing has changed. 


And Another Thing to Think About...


Good guy dad from A Christmas Story Dont underestimate dad Dad can deliver  - Meme Guy


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