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Here's the update from the Club Secretary....

Last Tuesday, November 9, 2021 we were joined by the Salvation Army and Ruth House. 
Brossard - Quebec Division
Salvation Army explained their adopt-a-family program. The presenter explained how it is different from their partnership with the Superior Fire Department's toy drive, and the Christmas food box program.  Next week, we will need to decide if we want to participate in the adopt-a-family program.  If we do participate, we have the option of choosing the family size, or a family with specific needs or a troubling situation.  To prepare for the discussion next Tuesday, PLEASE complete the questionnaire about your interest in the program by clicking on the link below:
2021 Adopt A Family Questionnaire
Ruth House explained how they are a 100% volunteer organization that provides services to the homeless.  These services include shelter, housing, meals, laundry, food pantry, showers, and meals delivered to homeless encampments.  Ruth House is currently located in Superior and Siren but expanding to Hayward and Washburn County.  Their most pressing need right now is financial assistance with utility bills. 

Project search update...

The final check came in from District.  Karla and I will be coordinating to purchase the last of the gift cards.  I will also be speaking to our grant mentor about how to use leftover funds. 
I did reach out to the Project SEARCH staff to see if the students and their families want to join us for bell ringing.  I also asked if they would be interested in partnering with us to do some volunteer times at Ruth House preparing, serving or delivering meals. 

Tanzania Thank You

Global Health Ministries sent us a thank you letter for our most recent donation of $2,728.00 for student tuition.

Meeting Schedule & upcoming stuff

Please do not rely on the ones to the right.  Some meetings are moving and changing to accommodate service projects.
NOVEMBER 16 - 7:00 am Morning Meeting at Perkins.  Items on the agenda include
- Adopt A Family discussion and decision
- Bell Ringing Signup
- Stuffing envelopes with thank you letters
- Planning for City sign decorating - dig through your boxes to see if you have lights or decor to donate.  Many of the lights from last year did not survive the tear-down process.
- Foundation.  November is Rotary Foundation Month.  The Andersons may have our individual giving amounts available, if not, then the next week.
NOVEMBER 23 - 5:30 pm Moonrise Meeting at the City of Superior sign (Hwy 2 & 53 , a/k/a E 2nd St and Belknap).  We will decorate the sign and then proceed to Champion's Lounge to warm up and eat.  Agenda items for the meeting:
- Adopt A Family assignments
- Bell Ringing signup
NOVEMBER 30 - FIFTH TUESDAY, NO MEETING (unless some of you want an excuse to get out of the house?!)
DECEMBER 7 - BELL RINGING - no Morning Meeting or Moonrise Meeting.  We will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the following locations:
Walmart - both doors
SuperOne Oakes Avenue
SuperOne Harborview (KIRK  and  ??)
After bell ringing, I am sponsoring sloppy joe's at Dodgies East End Tavern.
DECEMBER 14 - 5:30 pm Moonrise Meeting at the Douglas County Historical Society. They have some new-fangled projector screen that they'd like to show off to us!  Pat Anderson is coordinating food, bring your own beverages.  
If we do Adopt A Family, this will be our wrapping night.
We will also use this meeting to hold our club assembly and select officers for the 2022-23 Rotary year.  
Nominations right now are:
President - John Lohse
President Elect - ??
Past President - Paul Frost
Treasurer - Karla Anderson
Secretary - ?? (Kirk is resigning)
Bring some cash with you too so we can prepare our annual gift card for Kate, our server at Perkins.
DECEMBER 21 - 7:00 am Morning Meeting at Perkins.  

donation request form

I have prepared a Donation Request Form that other organizations can use to request help from our club.  I hope to have it up soon on our website and start circulating it around the area's social media pages. 

Rotary Foundation...

What Is that?

Rated by Charity Navigator with a 99.40 confidence, Rotary Foundation helps on a global, regional, and local level.  Foundation funds made our Tanzania and Project SEARCH projects possible.  The Foundation has harnessed the power of its size and promise of Rotarians to ensure that every donation is maximized to its full potential.  
$0.60 donation buys one polio vaccine.
The Foundation was started in 1917 with a single donation of $26.50.  Once a rotarian makes a donation of $1,000 either of their own funds, matching funds from fellow club members, or buy using club points, they are a Paul Harris Fellow.  In order to maintain Fellowship, a $100 per year donation is required. 
Our club once was 100% Paul Harris Fellows, with all members making the $100 per year donation.  Can we get there again?  What is stopping us?


Whitetail Buck Deer In Frost Fog Stock Photo - Download ...

Upcoming Deer Hunting Season. 

Minnesota's rifle opener is tomorrow.  Wisconsin's comes on the 20th.  I want to wish anyone going out hunting a safe and fun season.  And for those who don't hunt, here's what it's like....
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