2019 Lake Superior Ice Festival Igloo Building Contest
Join Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club at the 2019 Lake Superior Ice Festival by participating in the first annual Igloo Building Contest!
January 26, 2019!
The contest is limited to 10 teams. 
We are allowing 5 "commercial" division teams (sponsored by a business) and
5 "family & friends" teams (non-profits, school organizations, families, etc.).
Each team will consist of 4-6 people who will have four hours to construct an igloo approximately 4-5 feet in diameter.  Then you get to decorate your igloo- paint it, bedazzle it, color it, hang a flag on it, be creative!
Igloos will be judged and prizes awarded in each division.
How do you build an igloo?  Learn Here!
For more information about the contest, including a registration form, click here.